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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 on Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview

Inspired by the blog post of my MVP buddy Ben Gelens on how to CentOS to Azure Stack and the partnership of Microsoft with Red Hat, I decided to write this blog post about RHEL 7.2 on Azure Stack. -> https://azurestack.eu/2016/02/adding-centos-7-to-azure-stack-tp1/ -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/campaigns/redhat/ -> https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/microsoft-and-red-hat-deliver-new-standard-enterprise-cloud-experiences First Read more [...]

Linux Deployment – WAP VM Role Gallery Item – Addition One

As I have mentioned it in my previous blog post about the Linux deployment of a Windows Azure Pack VM Role that I will test some more Linux distributions. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/linux-deployment-wap-vm-role-gallery-item/ I have tested four new Linux distributions now. fedora 21, Oracle Linux 6.6, openSUSE 13.2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. Have a look at the table for the results. Read more [...]

Linux Deployment – WAP VM Role Gallery Item

In the last month I have written two blog posts about the deployment of the WAP VM role gallery item. One about the regional settings of the OS and the other one about the deployment of a Windows client OS. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/windows-client-os-wap-vm-role-gallery-item/ -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/regional-settings-wap-vm-role-gallery-item/ Today I’m writing about the Read more [...]