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Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview on lower hardware

If you are not in a lucky position like me and you want to run the Azure Stack Technical Preview, but you do not have the required hardware then keep reading. Microsoft had released the hardware requirements shortly before Christmas in 2015. Component Minimum Recommended CPU Dual-Socket: 12 Physical Cores Dual-Socket: 16 Physical Cores Memory 96 GB RAM 128 GB RAM BIOS Hyper-V Enabled (with Read more [...]

Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview – Custom ARM templates

When you have written custom ARM templates for your Azure deployments you can reuse them for the Azure Stack Technical Preview. There are only two things you have to look for. First one is the deployment location. Instead of specifying a region like northeurope or westeurope you can only set local for the Azure Stack TP. "location": { "type": "string", "defaultValue": "local", "allowedValues": Read more [...]

Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview Download is available

A few minutes ago Microsoft opened the download for the Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview! Taking the cloud to your datacenter and start using Azure Stack! -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/try/ The documentation for the Azure Stack Technical Preview is also online now. -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/azure-stack-overview/ Last but Read more [...]

The first Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview is coming this week

Today Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Cloud, announced that the first technical preview of Microsoft Azure Stack will be available on January 29. -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-the-first-technical-preview-of-microsoft-azure-stack/ You can sign up to get a notification when it is available and I highly recommend to do so! -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/ Furthermore Read more [...]

Hardware requirements for Azure Stack Technical Preview (POC) released

What an early Christmas present! Yesterday Microsoft has released the hardware requirements for the upcoming Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview. What other informations get we beside the hardware requirements? That the Azure Stack Technical Preview will be a single box installation. Our goal is to enable you to experience the Azure Stack Technical Preview in a single server, instantiated as a Read more [...]

Connecting App Controller 2012 R2 with System Center 2016 TP4 VMM

Let me start this blog post with the explanation why I am writing about connecting App Controller 2012 R2 with SCVMM 2016 TP4. It is not about that I like App Controller more than Windows Azure Pack or something else. The reason is that I presented last week my session “What’s new in System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager?” to the audiences at the Microsoft Technical Summit 2015 and Experts Read more [...]

Managing Nano Server with System Center 2016 TP4 VMM

This week Microsoft has released the Technical Preview 4 for Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. -> http://blogs.technet.com/b/server-cloud/archive/2015/11/19/make-innovation-easier-with-windows-server-2016-and-system-center-2016-technical-preview-4.aspx Finally the package bits of the SCVMM agent for the Nano Server are included in the ISO. When you are creating your Nano Server Read more [...]

Building a lab environment with Windows 10 Hyper-V and Nested Virtualization

Last week Microsoft has released the newest Insider Build 10565 of Windows 10. -> http://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2015/10/12/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-10565/ The Insider Build 10565 includes a long awaited and hidden gem: Nested Virtualization. Before the release of build 10565 we know that nested virtualization will be included in Windows Server 2016 for running Read more [...]

SCVMM 2016 Technical Preview 2 – Operational Notes

If you are testing the SCVMM 2016 Technical Preview 2 I have some operational notes for you. I ran into several issues in the first two days of testing the TP2 release and I want to share the solutions with you. First issue that you will run into it is an error where the VMM console crashes when you try to add an additional cluster node to an existing cluster. As it is mentioned in the release notes Read more [...]

System Center 2012 R2 VMM & SQL Server 2014

Die Version 2014 des Microsoft SQL Servers ist schon seit einigen Monaten auf dem Markt. Leider wird der SQL Server 2014 bisher offiziell nicht von Microsoft für System Center 2012 R2 unterstützt. Ebenso verhält es sich mit dem Serivce Pack 2 für den SQL Server 2012. Hier bildet der Operations Manager allerdings eine Ausnahme, dieser unterstützt offiziell auch SQL Server 2012 SP2. Alle anderen Read more [...]