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Microsoft Azure Stack TP – MySQL RP Deployment Publish-GalleryPackages.ps1 fails

Hey everyone! Just a short post for a short tweak. When you are deploying the MySQL Resource Provider on your Azure Stack installation and you are using the service administrator account with an additional subscription, then the processing of the Publish-GalleryPackages.ps1 fails with the following error.

Add-AzureRMGalleryItem : Cannot convert ‘System.Object[]’ to the type ‘System.Guid’ required by parameter ‘SubscriptionId’. Specified method is not supported.

The reason for that is line 50 in the Publish-GalleryPackages.ps1 script. Without modification it is the command $azSubscription = Get-AzureRmSubscription that causes the script to fail. Because you are using the service provider account with an additional subscription the cmdlet Get-AzureRmSubscription returns the Default Provider Subscription and the additional subscription. Just add -SubscriptionName “Default Provider Subscription” and the script works.


Have a look at the following guidances to deploy the MySQL RP.

-> https://azurestack.eu/2016/02/enable-paas-mysql-in-azure-stack-tp1/

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