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Develop solutions for Azure Stack on Azure

If you want to develop solutions for Azure Stack in your Azure subscription, then have a look at the Azure Stack Policy Module.

-> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-stack/azure-stack-policy-module

What does the Azure Stack Policy Module with your Azure subscription?

The policy module will deploy and enable a set of Azure policies, so only Azure services and API versions supported by Azure Stack are available in your subscription. The good thing about the Azure policies is that they can be enabled on subscription level as well on resource group level.

In the end the Azure Stack Policy Module provides you with the necessary environment in Azure to be able to develop compatible solutions for Azure Stack and Azure. You do not need an Azure Stack environment on-premises to develop solutions for Azure Stack. Just get an Azure subscription, download and apply the Azure Stack Policy Module and you are ready to go.

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