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Cloud Consistency with Azure Resource Manager Whitepaper

Microsoft has announced Azure Stack for the first time at Ignite and a few weeks ago the general availability of the Azure Virtual Machines services in Azure Resource Manager. Azure Resource Manager is the glue between the Azure and Azure Stack consistency. If you are looking for a start with ARM based templates to get ready for Azure or Azure Stack I’m lucky to recommend you a very good whitepaper. Read more [...]

Azure / Azure Stack – IaaS VM ARM Network Security Group

An important feature in the new Azure Resource Manager API for Virtual Machine Services are the Network Security Groups. But why are they so important? At the end of June Microsoft announced the general availability for the Azure Virtual Machine services in Azure Resource Manager and with this announcement the new Azure VM services will become more popular. -> Let Read more [...]

Azure Stack – IaaS VM ARM Template Deployment & JSON Editors

In this blog post I will write a bit about my opinion why Azure Stack with Azure Resource Manager is the right decision Microsoft has done and which tool to use for editing your JSON template files. Let us start with the IaaS VM ARM template deployment. If you are a bit familiar with the ARM template design you know that you can deploy a VM with only one template. For demonstration about a specific Read more [...]

Blobs and Tables: New Azure-Consistent Storage for your Datacenter – Ignite recording available

If you are interested in the storage part of Azure Stack then have a look at the Ignite session about Blobs and Tables: New Azure-Consistent Storage for your Datacenter. The session recording is available since this week and gives you an insight in the Azure Stack storage resource provider. -> Read more [...]

SCVMM 2016 Technical Preview 2 – Operational Notes

If you are testing the SCVMM 2016 Technical Preview 2 I have some operational notes for you. I ran into several issues in the first two days of testing the TP2 release and I want to share the solutions with you. First issue that you will run into it is an error where the VMM console crashes when you try to add an additional cluster node to an existing cluster. As it is mentioned in the release notes Read more [...]

SCVMM 2016 Technical Preview 2 – Logical Switch Improvements

At last week’s Ignite Microsoft has released the Technical Preview 2 of System Center 2016. -> -> The Technical Preview 2 of SCVMM 2016 provides you with some cool Read more [...]

What is Azure Stack?

There has been some confusion around what Azure Stack is right after the announcement at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago. I will try to do a short and high-level clarification based on that what I got from the sessions and I like to invite the Product Group to reach out to me if I got something wrong. First of all Azure Stack is not a Windows Azure Pack 2.0! Even if both products sounds very similar Read more [...]

Microsoft Ignite Announcements – Azure Stack and OMS

Day one of Microsoft Ignite in Chicago is over and I want to let you now what is coming next regarding the Cloud OS story. First of all the next version of Windows Server and System Center will be called Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016. A huge announcement was Azure Stack! So Azure Stack is the replacement for Windows Azure Pack and will provide you with a consistent Microsoft Azure cloud Read more [...]

SCVMM/WAP UR6 – VM Role Gallery Item Generation 2 VM Support

Microsoft is listening to our feedback and gives us the Generation 2 VM support for the VM role gallery item with Update Rollup 6 for VMM & WAP. Just want to mention that with VMM Update Rollup 6 Generation 2 VM support for Service Templates is also included. -> -> -> Read more [...]

System Center & Windows Azure Pack – IaaS Usage Metering Configuration Check

Two weeks ago I decided to write a PowerShell script for the purpose to check the whole IaaS usage metering configuration of System Center & Windows Azure Pack. As you already may know I have some kind of addiction for the usage metering & reporting process and the troubleshooting part. -> -> Read more [...]