Azure services URLs and IP addresses for firewall or proxy whitelisting

When you are working with Azure sometimes you have to whitelist specific IP address ranges or URLs in your corporate firewall or proxy to access all Azure services you are using or trying to use.

Some information like the datacenter IP ranges and some of the URLs are easy to find. Other things are more complicated to find like calling IP addresses of specific Azure services or specific URLs.

The list of Azure services specific URLs and IP addresses in this blog post is not complete and only a snapshot at the time of writing this post.

The post is divided into the following sections IP addresses, calling IP addresses and URLs.

I hope you find the summary useful and supportive for your day to day work with Azure.

IP addresses:

Datacenter IP ranges:


Azure CDN:


Calling IP addresses:

Logic App:


Traffic Manager:

Have a look at the section “What are the IP addresses from which the health checks originate?”.



PowerShell Get-AzureRmEnvironment / Azure main services URLs:


Name Value Value 2
Active Directory Service Endpoint Resource Id
Gallery Url
Management Portal Url
Service Management Url
Publish Settings File Url
Resource Manager Url
Sql Database Dns Suffix
Storage Endpoint Suffix
Active Directory Authority
Graph Url
Graph Endpoint Resource Id
Traffic Manager Dns Suffix
Azure Key Vault Dns Suffix
Azure Data Lake Store File System Endpoint Suffix
Azure Data Lake Analytics Catalog And Job Endpoint Suffix
Azure Key Vault Service Endpoint Resource Id

Other Azure services URLs:

Name Value Value 2
Redis Cache
App Service
Azure Batch .{region}
Machine Learning Studio
Machine Learning Gallery
Machine Learning Web Service Management
Service Bus
Event Hubs
Azure IoT Hub
API Management
Azure Automation
Azure Automation Webhooks
Public IP, Azure LB, Web Application Gateway, Service Fabric, Azure Container Service .{region}
Azure Search
Azure Analysis Services .{region}
Logic App .{region}

Azure Site Recovery:


Azure Backup:


Azure Log Analytics (OMS):




Data Factory – Data Management Gateway:

Have a look at “Ports and firewall” under the section “Installation”.


Azure MFA Server:


Azure Automation Hybrid Runbook Worker:


Azure KMS server: