Monthly Archives: March 2021

Distribute your application across different availability zones in AKS using Pod Topology Spread Constraints

This is the last blog post of a series of posts covering the topic about increasing the application availability on Azure Kubernetes Service / Kubernetes. Today we cover the pod topology spread constraints. What are pod topology spread constraints? In the first post of the series, I talked about the pod disruption budget. The PDB guarantees that a certain amount of your application pods is available. The Read more [...]

Run the Envoy Proxy ratelimit service for Istio on AKS with Azure Cache for Redis

The Istio sidecar proxy uses Envoy and therefore supports two different rate limiting modes. A local one targeting only a single service and a global one targeting the entire service mesh. The local rate limit implementation only requires Envoy itself without the need for a rate limit service. In contrast the global rate limit implementation requires a rate limit service as its backend. Looking Read more [...]