Monthly Archives: January 2017

Azure storage performance health check script

When you are working with Azure IaaS services especially with Azure VMs, it comes down to one critical component you have to look very accurately during the design phase and that is Azure storage. It does not matter whether you going to use standard storage accounts or premium storage accounts. Why I am telling you this? Because it is easy to overload a storage account and you will epxerience a Read more [...]

Using MFA in Azure Germany

Using multi-factor authentication as an additional security layer for your accounts in Azure Germany is very easy. Just login to the Azure Germany portal ( with a Global Administrator account and jump to the Azure Active Directory blade. Next, click on Multi-Factor Authentication in the overview pane to access the MFA portal. There you can activate MFA for a single Read more [...]

SAP workloads on Azure Germany

Different SAP workloads are certified to run on Microsoft Azure and that does also counts for Microsoft Azure Germany. But which SAP solutions can be run on Azure Germany? First of all, all the necessary OS images are available in the Azure Marketplace in both regions Germany Central and Germany Northeast. But have a look at the following tables to get the information in which region in Azure Read more [...]

Microsoft Technical Summit 2016 sessions online available

The Microsoft Technical Summit 2016 took place again in Darmstadt from 6th December till 7th December and the sessions are available since a few weeks through Channel 9. Most of them are in German and only a few in English. -> My sessions were about “Azure IaaS Security” and “Providing test environments Read more [...]