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Month: February 2020

  • Updated maximum nodes limit – Azure Function App – AKS Azure CNI IP address calculation

    Just a short information about the update I have done for the Azure Function App doing the AKS Azure CNI IP address calculation. Since the last update there has been a change to the maximum nodes per cluster limit supported by AKS. Maximum nodes per cluster (only with multiple node pools and VMSS): 1000 ->…

  • Combine istioctl commands with kubectl-select

    Since working with Istio I stumbled a couple of times over some of the istioctl commands that require to select a specific pod or service. Some of these commands are istioctl… …dashboard controlz {Istio pilot pod name} …dashboard envoy {pod name} …experimental describe service {service name} …experimental metrics {service name} …proxy-config bootstrap {pod name} For…

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