Monthly Archives: December 2015

Using Operations Management Suite to detect RDP access attempts

The malicious IP detection functionality of OMS can not only detect the outgoing communication from your Azure VM to a malicious target. -> It can also detect incoming connection attempts to your Azure VMs. For example you would like to know Read more [...]

Hardware requirements for Azure Stack Technical Preview (POC) released

What an early Christmas present! Yesterday Microsoft has released the hardware requirements for the upcoming Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview. What other informations get we beside the hardware requirements? That the Azure Stack Technical Preview will be a single box installation. Our goal is to enable you to experience the Azure Stack Technical Preview in a single server, instantiated as a Read more [...]

Microsoft Azure Backup Server – Azure Subscription with spending limit

When you are using Microsoft Azure Backup Server and you have an Azure subscription with a spending limit, you may run into the following issue. Assume you spend all your Azure credit and the spending limit kicks in. If this happens your Microsoft Azure Backup Server stops working and you get the following error message in the Azure Backup Server console. In order for Microsoft Azure Backup to function Read more [...]

SCVMM / SMA runbook is stucked in an infinity loop

Just a quick note to a situation I experienced last week I want to share with you. Assume you have installed the VMM console on your SMA runbook worker to get the VMM PowerShell cmdlets. So you can leverage them directly on the runbook worker. The important part is to keep the VMM console up to date on the runbook worker and at the same version compared to your VMM management server. Otherwise Read more [...]

Microsoft Technical Summit 2015 Sessions online available – What’s new in SCVMM 2016?

The Microsoft Technical Summit 2015 took place in Darmstadt from 17th November till 19th November and the sessions are now available through Channel 9. Most of the sessions are in German and only a few in English. -> I was honored again for the third time in a row to be a speaker at this great event. Read more [...]