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Installing Helm and Azure IoT Edge on a k3s Kubernetes cluster on Raspbian

This is the third and last blog post in a series covering k3s a new Kubernetes distribution by Rancher. -> https://k3s.io/ In this post we focus on the Azure IoT Edge deployment on Kubernetes via the package manager tool Helm. -> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-edge/about-iot-edge -> https://helm.sh/ The topic is divided in two parts. First about the automated container Read more [...]

Running Azure Functions on Kubernetes like on Azure in the consumption plan

Azure Functions 2.0 introduced the capability to run Functions in a container. So, you have the choice to run your Functions natively on Azure in the consumption plan for automated massive scale or in a container on your Azure Kubernetes Service or Kubernetes cluster. But how you configure automated scaling for a Functions application in a container on Kubernetes to run it like on Azure? The Read more [...]