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Migrate an Azure storage account from LRS to ZRS replication without downtime

This is a rather short blog post about a hidden gem in the Azure documentation.

You have two options today migrating an existing Azure storage account from the LRS (locally redundant storage) to ZRS (zone-redundant storage) replication option. A manual migration or live migration.

Choosing the manual migration option requires a new target storage account with ZRS and might imply an application downtime during the migration.

When you choose the live migration option, Microsoft executes the migration for you without an application downtime and a new target storage account. Your existing storage account will be migrated from LRS to ZRS.

Requesting a live migration for a storage account is done by opening an Azure Support ticket and that is it. Once Microsoft finished the live migration your existing storage account uses the new replication option ZRS.

Details about the process, prerequisites, and limitations are outlined in the Azure documentation.

-> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/common/redundancy-migration?WT.mc_id=AZ-MVP-5000119#request-a-live-migration-to-zrs-gzrs-or-ra-gzrs



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