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Azure Site Recovery InMage Scout Update 1 available

Microsoft has released the Update 1 for the ASR InMage Scout Version The version is used for the disaster recovery scenario VMware to VMware with Azure Site Recovery. The following fixes and features are included in Update 1.

  • 31 days of free protection per server instances. This enables you to test functionality or set up a proof-of-concept.
    • All operations on the server, including failover and failback are free for the first 31 days starting from the time that a server is first protected using ASR Scout.
    • From the 32nd day onwards, each protected server will be charged at the standard instance rate for Azure Site Recovery protection to a customer owned site.
    • At any time, the number of protected servers that are currently being charged is available on the Dashboard page of the Azure Site Recovery vault.
  • Support added for vCLI 5.5 Update 2.
  • Support added for Linux operating systems on the source server:
    • RHEL 6 Update 6
    • RHEL 5 Update 11
    • CentOS 6 Update 6
    • CentOS 5 Update 11
  • Bug fixes to address the following issues:
    • Vault registration fails for the configuration server or RX server.
    • Cluster volumes don’t appear as expected when clustered virtual machines are reprotected during resume.
    • Failback fails when master target server is hosted on a different ESXi server from the on-premises production virtual machines.
    • Configuration file permissions are changed when upgrading to 8.0.1, affecting protection and operations.
    • Resynchronization threshold isn’t enforced as expected, leading to inconsistent replication behavior.
    • RPO settings not appearing correctly in the configuration server interface. Uncompressed data value incorrectly shows compressed value.
    • The Remove operation doesn’t delete as expected in the vContinuum wizard and replication isn’t deleted from the configuration server interface.
    • In the vContinuum wizard the disk is automatically unselected when clicking on Details in the disk view during protection of MSCS virtual machines.
    • During P2V scenario required HP sevices such as CIMnotify, CqMgHost aren’t moved to Manual in the recover virtual machine, resulting is additional boot time.
    • Linux virtual machine protected fails when there are more than 26 disks on the master target server.

You can download Update 1 from the Microsoft Download Center.

-> http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/F/D/9FDC6001-1DD0-4C10-BDDD-8A9EBFC57FDF/ASR%20Scout%208.0.1%20Update1.zip

The update should be installed in the following order.

  1. RX Server (if there is one)
  2. Configuration Server
  3. Process Server
  4. Master Targets
  5. vContinuum server

-> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/documentation/articles/site-recovery-vmware-to-vmware/

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