Monthly Archives: December 2020

Azure Kubernetes Service – Azure RBAC for Kubernetes authorization

At this year’s Ignite conference Microsoft announced the next major step of integrating Azure functionality into AKS: Azure RBAC for Kubernetes authorization. -> Azure RBAC for Kubernetes authorization lets you assign built-in or custom roles onto the Azure Kubernetes Service object in Azure. So, you do not have to create Kubernetes Read more [...]

Increase your application availability with a PodDisruptionBudget on Azure Kubernetes Service

This is the first blog post of a series of posts covering the topic about increasing the application availability on Azure Kubernetes Service / Kubernetes. Today we cover the PodDisruptionBudget. What is a PodDisruptionBudget? A PDB is an additional Kubernetes object that is deployed beside your Deployment, ReplicaSet or StatefulSet increasing your application’s availability. This is done by Read more [...]

Azure Reservations and the RBAC dilemma

Cloud computing underlies a constant change. Things you take today for granted are different tomorrow. Surprisingly, even designs and implementations on the same platform can be different. Welcome to today’s topic of Azure Reservations and the RBAC dilemma. As I have written in my brief introduction, designs and implementations can be different. Azure RBAC is one example here. Being the owner Read more [...]