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Month: December 2019

  • Using Octant as alternative Kubernetes dashboard for Azure Kubernetes Service

    When you are running an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster you might deployed the cluster without the Kubernetes dashboard or disabled it afterwards. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/disable-the-kubernetes-dashboard-on-azure-kubernetes-service/ Mainly you are doing it for security purposes to prevent an accidentally exposed and unsecured Kubernetes dashboard to the public. -> https://redlock.io/blog/cryptojacking-tesla The Kubernetes dashboard is neat for demo purposes, but…

  • Secure Kubernetes API server access in Azure Kubernetes Service

    Running Kubernetes at a cloud provider especially managed Kubernetes like AKS or GKE provides you with a solid foundation and applied security best practices for the managed master control plane. But there is one downside, the public accessible API endpoint to control the Kubernetes cluster. Even the API endpoint is only exposed via HTTPS and…

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