Monthly Archives: May 2019

Updated Azure Function App – AKS Advanced Networking IP address calculation

Just a short information about the update I have done for the Azure Function App doing the AKS Advanced Networking IP address calculation (Azure CNI). Since I have written the Azure Function App, they have been some changes what limits are supported for AKS using Azure CNI networking. Minimum pods per node: 30 Maximum pods per node: 250 Maximum nodes per cluster (only with multiple node Read more [...]

SSH access to AKS nodes for troubleshooting purposes

Under normal circumstances you do not need SSH access to your AKS nodes. Even when you create a new AKS cluster you do not have to provide an admin username and a public SSH key. Deployment method admin username required? public SSH key required? Azure portal No, cannot be set No, cannot be set Azure CLI Optional Optional ARM templates Required Required Terraform Required Required Why Read more [...]