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Month: March 2017

  • Managed disks support in new created Azure DevTest Lab labs

    Yesterday, Microsoft announced the managed disks support for all new created Azure DevTest Lab labs. -> https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/updates/azure-devtest-labs-managed-disks-supported-in-new-labs/ For existing DevTest Lab labs have a look at my previous blog post to realize the use of managed disks. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/using-managed-disks-azure-devtest-lab/

  • Using managed disks with Azure DevTest Lab

    Currently the Azure DevTest Lab service does not let you use managed disks during the VM deployment, because it does not support them. When you have the need for managed disks in an Azure DevTest Lab, you can use the environment capability with Azure Resource Manager templates. Create an Azure Resource Manager template¬† for a…

  • Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 on lower hardware specifications

    New technical preview, new challenges. After I got the TP1 and TP2 running on lower hardware specifications, I have tried the same for the TP3 and want to share the results with you. First of all we have the same hardware requirements for TP3 as for TP1 and TP2. Component Minimum Recommended CPU Dual-Socket: 12…

  • Microsoft Azure – managed disks and port 8443 issue

    Managed disks are new and maybe you have run into a deployment error with VMs using managed disks. The reason for that is mentioned in the notes, directly at the beginning of the documentation. VMs with Managed Disks require outbound traffic on port 8443 to report the status of the installed VM extensions to the…

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