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Month: October 2016

  • Start and stop Azure VMs without access to Microsoft Azure

    Imagine you want to provide specific users with the ability to start and stop VMs, but you do not want to provide access for them to the Azure portal. Then you can use Azure Automation with webhooks. First create an Azure Automation account in the region of your choice. Make sure that the option “Create…

  • Shutdown and Startup Order for the Microsoft Azure Stack TP2 VMs

    In my previous blog post I described how to install the Microsoft Azure Stack TP2 PoC on lower hardware specifications. Because my home lab does not run 24/7 I had to think about the correct shutdown and startup order for the Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 VMs. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/microsoft-azure-stack-technical-preview-2-on-lower-hardware-specifications/ The Azure Stack TP2 consists…

  • Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 on lower hardware specifications

    New technical preview, new challenges. After I got the TP1 running on lower hardware specifications, I have tried the same for the TP2 and want to share the results with you. -> https://www.danielstechblog.io/microsoft-azure-stack-technical-preview-on-lower-hardware/ First of all we have the same hardware requirements for TP2 as for TP1. Component Minimum Recommended CPU Dual-Socket: 12 Physical Cores…

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