Monthly Archives: June 2015

Cross-forest Shared Nothing Live Migration

Last week I had a very interesting case at a customer and previously I thought it was really easy to do. Yes it is easy, when you know how to deal with it and before I forget it I will write it down now. So what was the case? I had a Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Failover Cluster in an old AD domain that should be migrated to a new AD domain and at the same time to Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V without Read more [...]

Converting Virtual Hard Disks between different Hypervisor

Twitter is an awesome social media tool to get the most recent IT news. During this week I saw a tweet by Ben Armstrong recommending a very nice tool for converting virtual hard disks. -> Honestly I have to say that I have been waiting for such a handy tool for a long time running Read more [...]

Azure Site Recovery InMage Scout with VMware Series – Configuration

When you have installed the Configuration Server, the Process Server and the vContinuum server you can now move on with the initial configuration of your InMage Scout installation. -> -> -> Read more [...]

Azure Stack – IaaS VM ARM Template Deployment & JSON Editors

In this blog post I will write a bit about my opinion why Azure Stack with Azure Resource Manager is the right decision Microsoft has done and which tool to use for editing your JSON template files. Let us start with the IaaS VM ARM template deployment. If you are a bit familiar with the ARM template design you know that you can deploy a VM with only one template. For demonstration about a specific Read more [...]