Monthly Archives: February 2015

SCVMM – Storage Overcommitment PowerShell Script – Version 3.2

Nearly 1000 downloads got my CSV Overcommitment PowerShell script on the TechNet Gallery and again it was time to invest some hours into it. -> My main focus was to add support for SMB 3.0 file shares which are managed by VMM. Till version 3.1 the script supported only Cluster Shared Volumes and not SMB 3.0 file shares that Read more [...]

SCVMM/WAP UR5 – VM Role Gallery Item Disk Deployment Changes

Microsoft is listening to our feedback and gives us the choice between differencing or dedicated disks for the VM role gallery item with Update Rollup 5 for VMM & WAP. -> -> Prior to UR5 you had to use a SMA runbook like Read more [...]

Windows Azure Pack – ADFS authentication and the NetBIOS domain name

Normally you would only change the authentication mechanism for the WAP Tenant Portal to ADFS and let the Windows Authentication as the default setting for the WAP Admin Portal. When you decide to change the authentication mechanism for the WAP Admin Portal also to ADFS then you have to consider the following behavior of WAP and ADFS. Let us assume your domain name is and your NetBIOS domain Read more [...]